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Below is the link for the Parent/Carer Phonic Workshop:

We teach learning to read with phonics – specifically ‘Read Write Inc.’ phonics. The National Curriculum ensures children are taught phonics systematically. We teach sounds; children practise reading and spelling words containing these sounds. They are then given decodable books containing the sounds and words they can read. They read each storybook several times at school and again with you at home. On each reading, children’s fluency increases so that they can then focus on what the story is about.

When children are ready, each week we send home the decodable story book that they have already read in class, to read with you. Their fluency increases with each read. We also send home a book bag book that has been closely matched to the sounds they know. In addition, we send home a sharing book; your child is not expected to read this book. You can read the story to your child, or they can tell you the story from the pictures. We aim to finish the Read Write Inc. phonics programme as quickly as possible so that they can start to read these books for themselves!


Please click here for more information on our phonics scheme used across both schools