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Lunchtime Clubs

At our schools, we strongly believe in encouraging children to be as active as possible. To support this, we have a dedicated sports coach who runs a lunchtime club every day for 30 minutes. These clubs are open to all classes, and provide children with the opportunity to try new sports and also to develop the skills they have been learning in their PE lessons. Our clubs include: football, kwik cricket, simple circuits, tag rugby, dance, rounders, gymnastics basketball and hockey.

Interschool Sports and Competitions

We think it is important that as well as covering the PE curriculum, children are encouraged to play competitively. It is here that children learn about their responsibilities both as individuals and members of groups and teams. They learn to cooperate and to compete fairly, understanding their own and others' roles.

Each term children will take part in a sporting event held at Chew Valley school. These range from taster sessions to tournaments. Examples of these sporting events include: tag rugby, bench ball, netball, football, gymnastics, striking and fielding, tennis, cross-country, rounders and many more!

After-school Clubs

PH sports run a daily breakfast and after school club

PH Sports Multi Sports (Tuesdays at East Harptree and Wednesdays at Ubley)

Football with Raph Burke (Thursdays at Ubley and Fridays at East Harptree)

Adventurers Youth Club (Fridays - run by members of the local church community in West Harptree)

If you are interested in any of these clubs then please contact the school office.

Please find below the relevant documents for our PE curriculum:

PE Intent

Long Term PE Overview